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Beyond routing – new ebook about Field Service Management

By April 20, 2020June 9th, 2021WorkForce Management

Fieldwork – leave, complete the task, come back. Is it difficult? Yes and no – even after completing the fieldwork there are many small activities that need to be done. This requires effective route and schedule planning, but that’s not all. There are other factors that play important roles in the effective implementation of field tasks in many industries.

Planning and assigning tasks, developing a route for each person in the team, the work of specialists once they get there, calculating all related costs, monitoring the effects – just to name a few. Specialized algorithms can be your greatest support when facing these challenges. Field Service Management solutions such as GeoTask can help.

Beyond routing – fieldwork planning tailored to your business model

Typical industries and business processes where the GeoTask application algorithm is helpful are described in our latest e-book. It’s called “Beyond routing – fieldwork planning tailored to your business model”. In the e-book you’ll find some examples from life, the “user stories” – situations from different market sectors where GeoTask helps more than just by planning routes.

What will you learn from the e-book?

  • How to plan the loading of your vehicles well
  • How to communicate proactively with the client
  • How to design optimal routes, whether very long or very short, with many stops right next to each other
  • Why it is worthwhile to precisely match your employees’ skills to specific tasks

E-book to download

Multiple variations, one solution: GeoTask supports every single scenario, no matter what business you are in.

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