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Globema is a Google Cloud Premier Partner again

By Google, Wydarzenia

We did it! Once again, we have received Google Cloud Premier Partner status. We have been cooperating with Google since 2012, and we maintain the title of the only Google Cloud Premier Partner in Poland since 2015. This is a reason for us to be very proud, but also responsible: we know how many companies in Poland and abroad use our solutions based on Google Cloud services. We want our solutions and services to meet your expectations and bring you measurable benefits!

Of course, you don’t just get partner status for many years of cooperation. To maintain it, we had to:

Record good results for the last year

Customers to whom we provide Google Cloud services - especially products from the Maps API family - trust our competence. Our offer includes ready-made solutions, a package of services - from analysis and consultation, through training and support, to implementation.

Still evolving

We've won as many as 45 (!) Google Maps sales certificates, architecture, creation and security solutions based on Google Cloud Platform.

Supporting customers

Training and certificates are not everything - we are getting better and better thanks to our customers. Their stories are the best proof that using map services can bring huge benefits - regardless of industry or business size. You can read about selected Google Maps implementations here:

We have thus proven the highest competence as a location-based service provider!

Why is cooperation with a Google Partner a good choice?

There are many reasons, but we have chosen the 7 most important ones – see for yourself!
Let's talk about Google Maps
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