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Emitel selected Globema to implement FFA

By February 7, 2012December 22nd, 2014Mobile, Telecommunications, WorkForce Management

Emitel, the leading terrestrial radio and TV broadcast infrastructure operator in Poland, has selected Field Force Automation (FFA) product for their new mobile workforce management solution. Globema, the leading VAR of GE Energy’s software in Central and Eastern Europe will deliver and implement the system. Emitel and Globema signed a respective contract on December 30th 2011, and the project has started from the beginning of January 2012.

Przemysław Kurczewski, CEO of Emitel, said:

We have chosen Globema’s offer with FFA for our work force management primarily because we need a solution built on a worldwide leading, standard and powerful product with a proven track record of successful implementations. Globema performed the proof of concept and presented the return on investment model, both based on Emitel’s real data and working environment. This provided a reliable evidence that implementation of FFA can enable Emitel to achieve expected benefits such as a growth of productivity and reduction of operational cost in our mobile workforce operations. These are important goals of the project and we are eager to cooperate with Globema to achieve them promptly.”

Under the agreement Globema will deliver, configure and implement the system, including adaptation to specific customer’s requirements (such as special reports) where needed, as well as integrate FFA with other systems of the enterprise’s IT environment. Next, Globema will train Emitel’s staff in using the system. Emitel plans that FFA will be used by their mobile crew of 300 technicians. Globema shall also provide support and maintenance services.

We are excited to be working with Emitel on FFA implementation and to become a part of their strategy to enhance company’s operations by application of advanced IT solutions” says Marek Gondzio, President and CEO of Globema, “Emitel is the first customer of FFA in Poland. Winning the project at Emitel is a meaningful step for Globema in our strategy to expand the offer with innovative solutions based on modern and robust products and technologies.”

About Emitel

Emitel is the leading terrestrial radio and TV broadcast infrastructure operator in Poland. Services provided by Emitel are divided into three groups: radio, TV and communications. Emitel is the country leader in digital radio/TV emission and development of services based on the state-of-the-art wireless systems. They are dynamically getting into Ethernet and IP based services as Virtual Private Networks, Internet Access, Content Delivery or Digital Signage.

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