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FFA implementation at EmiTel completed

By October 23, 2012December 23rd, 2014Telecommunications, WorkForce Management

EmiTel, the leading terrestrial radio and TV broadcast infrastructure operator in Poland, selected Field Force Automation (FFA) for their new workforce management solution. The implementation stage has started at the beginning of 2012 and was successfully completed after 6 months of intensive work. Now, FFA is being used by EmiTel’s mobile crew of 300 technicians.

Under the agreement Globema has delivered, configured and implemented the system. Some adaptations to customer’s specific requirements were introduced (such as reports and tools for managing balanced work time). FFA was also integrated with selected applications used at EmiTel. Currently Globema provides support and maintenance services after the implementation.

One of the key elements of implementation phase was adapting mechanisms of tasks allocation to specific requirements of Polish Labour Code. Dedicated solutions ensuring sustainable working time and optimizing the allocation of tasks were developed.

Krzysztof Jablonski, CTO, EmiTel:

We have chosen Globema’s offer with FFA for our work force management primarily because we needed a solution built on a worldwide product and a partner with a proven track record of successful implementations. Globema performed the proof of concept and presented the return on investment model, both based on EmiTel’s real data and working environment. This provided a reliable evidence that implementation of FFA can enable EmiTel to achieve expected benefits such as a growth of productivity and reduction of operational cost in our mobile workforce operations.

About Emitel

Emitel is the leading terrestrial radio and TV broadcast infrastructure operator in Poland. Services provided by Emitel are divided into three groups: radio, TV and communications. Emitel is the country leader in digital radio/TV emission and development of services based on the state-of-the-art wireless systems. They are dynamically getting into Ethernet and IP based services as Virtual Private Networks, Internet Access, Content Delivery or Digital Signage.

About FFA

FFA streamlines the flow of work orders throughout the entire organization, including the creation of service requests, scheduling and dispatching field staff, tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs), managing spare parts inventory and providing advanced mobile capabilities for the enterprise. Businesses that have implemented FFA are on their way to operational excellence through automation, agility, and visibility of the Plan-Execute-Monitor business processes. Solutions based on FFA were already chosen by over 80 companies, are used by 35.000 of their staff and are serving 60.000.000 customers worldwide.