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FFA implementation at Energa Lighting completed

By June 22, 2015July 13th, 2015WorkForce Management

Globema implemented SEZAM system at Energa Oświetelnie (Energa Lighting). SEZAM solution includes GE Field Force Automation (FFA) application, used for work force management. FFA is used by Energa’s 70 field teams that manage around 34 thousands of technical tasks annually. The scope of field operations includes planned inspections, regular maintenance works, handling breakdowns and fixing damages. The comprehensive solution implemented by Globema enables optimization & balancing of the working time of all Energa Oświetlenie’s technicians.


Important part of the project was creating a model of the whole organizational structure of the company as well as loading the complex and detailed information about particular skills and equipemt of all technicians into the FFA solution. Several usability and functionality improvements were also delivered as a part of the project.

Comprehensive solution

Among FFA, Sezam solution includes:

  • Module for managing notifications and orders – MOZZ
  • GIS system for managing lighting assets – LightGIS
  • Module for fleet management (with asset tracking system and hardware) – CarTracking

SEZAM was also integrated with Xpertis system (ERP, HCM, HRM, CRM solution) and with Binocle – Business Intelligence system.

About Energa Oświetlenie

Energa Oświetlenie is a part of Energa Group – one of the largest energy utilities in Poland. Energa Oświetlenie uses energy-saving and innovative solutions in operating the lighting network. The company employs about 230 professional staff having many years of experience in the power and lighting industry. Energa Lighting owns & maintains 375,000 street lamps. Seed capital of Energa Oswietlenie amounts to over €50m.


About GE Field Force Automation

GE Energy’s Field Force Automation is a technologically advanced, component-based field service management platform built upon many years of production experience. FFA is a complete solution that works for all your service resources—for both simple and complex work. FFA is solving real business challenges associated with a wide-range of service-related business processes such as: creating service requests, scheduling and dispatching field staff, providing operational visibility, tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs), managing spare parts inventory, and providing advanced mobile capabilities for your enterprise.



  • Reduction of dispatchers working time by approximately 33%
  • Reduction of operating costs by 25-35%
  • Improved operational efficiency by about 5-times increase in the number of tasks managed by a single dispatcher
  • Significant reduction of phone calls and paper consumption
  • Reliability of network data through its constant updating by field staff
  • Increased customer satisfaction by meeting the SLA and updated information about work progress
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