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Comprehensive upgrade of customized FFA at Emitel

By November 7, 2016November 16th, 2016District Heating, Energy, Telecommunications, WorkForce Management
FFA upgrade at Emitel

Globema upgraded Field Force Automation (FFA) system to version 12 at Emitel – broadcasting infrastructure operator and the first FFA customer in Poland. During the project our team migrated to the new platform not only standard FFA features but also all customization and integrations developed for the customer during system deployment. Globema has been supporting Emitel since 2012 when the company selected FFA to improve the efficiency of mobile teams, optimize dispatching and to help meet very strict service level agreements (SLA). Globema implemented FFA at Emitel within only 7 months (from January till August 2012).  

FFA Emitel

Scope of the project

Standard features as well as all customizations developed for the customer (among others: calendar validation against labor law & overtime accounting, preparation of complex reports in data warehouse) were migrated to the new platform. Moreover, all integrations with other solutions used by Emitel were migrated (CRM, network inventory, support ticketing vehicle tracking and map server). The project also covered reconfiguration and system adjustment to meet current customer’s needs and requirements. After completing the project Globema conducted professional trainings covering new features available in version 12 and provided full technical support of the upgraded solution.

Thanks to the upgrade Emitel gained many new features (of both mobile and dispatcher’s applications) streamlining dispatching and tasks management. Among others new features include:

  • contextual search of tasks, assets etc.
  • new alert panel streamlining SLA and task control
  • enhanced task visualization
  • possibility to open map in a separate window.

About Emitel

Emitel is the leading broadcasting infrastructure operator in Poland, providing radio and TV services. Its broadcasting services are under very strict service level agreements (SLAs), including response time and maintenance. Emitel is the country leader in digital radio/TV emission and development of services based on the state-of-the-art wireless systems. They are dynamically getting into Ethernet and IP based services as Virtual Private Networks, Internet Access, Content Delivery or Digital Signage.

Emitel supports leading Polish TV/radio stations, including: TVP, TVN, Polsat, TV Puls, PR, Eurozet, RMF as well as telecommunication operators: Orange, Polkomtel, T-mobile, P4, GTS, Netia.

Globema Field Force Automation

FFA at Emitel since 2012

Emitel is the first Globema customer who decided to use FFA as a workforce management system and the first FFA customer in Poland. Before the implementation EmiTel conducted a proof-of-concept with Globema. Our team presented a return-on-investment model, based on Emitel’s data and working environment. The proof-of-concept verified the FFA’s capabilities with real, historical data and evaluated the potential increase in efficiency. As a result, Globema implemented FFA at Emitel which replaced legacy workforce management system used before.

The solution customization and deployment, conducted by Globema, included:

  • calendar validation against labor law and overtime accounting
  • advanced integration with map server
  • integration with CRM, network inventory, support ticketing, and vehicle tracking
  • preparation of complex reports in data warehouse, including design of data warehouse structure, ETL (extract,
  • transform, load) process, and reports.

FFA helps Emitel by:

  • automating scheduling and dispatching tasks
  • providing up-to-date information on task pickup and status reporting via mobile devices
  • optimizing travel by utilizing vehicle tracking data
  • using data from FFA for payroll calculation in Emitel’s ERP system.
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Field Force AutomationGE Energy’s Field Force Automation is a technologically advanced, component-based field service management platform built upon many years of production experience. FFA is a complete solution that works for all your service resources—for both simple and complex work. FFA is solving real business challenges associated with a wide-range of service-related business processes such as: creating service requests, scheduling and dispatching field staff, providing operational visibility, tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs), managing spare parts inventory, and providing advanced mobile capabilities for your enterprise.

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