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FME 2015 – connect more things than ever before

By February 6, 2015September 19th, 2018FME, Services

New version of FME has arrived. See what FME 2015 has to offer.

FME 2015 introduces 18 new transformers and added functionality for 67 others, giving more tools to turn your data into a work of art. Plus usability enhancements and new configuration options make authoring easier and more productive.

What’s new in general?

FME 2015 offers many new features, novelties and improvements. Namely:

  • Enhanced BIM Support
  • More Point Cloud Capabilities
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.3
  • Web Mapping Services Developments
  • New Online Storage Service Tools
  • New Formats
  • New and Improved Transformers
  • More Coordinate System Options

FME Server redesigned

A completely redesigned FME Server includes powerful new capabilities for notifications and real-time workflows, enhanced administration and security, and a host of usability enhancements. Selected changes:

  • Revamped User Interface
  • Easier Administration
  • Simpler Notification Services
  • Improved Real-Time Support
  • Continued Updates to Security

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Dive into FME Desktop 2015

New version of FME Desktop features:

  • New FME Workbench Functionality
  • FME Workbench Canvas Enhancements
  • Faster Authoring and Runtime
  • Changes to the FME Data Inspector

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Learn more through the series of demos presented below:

What can I use FME for?

Incompatible data formats are a major barrier to moving data between applications. Easily move past these challenges with FME’s unparalleled format support and data conversion capabilities. FME enables you to efficiently translate data for use in almost any software solution.

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Any problem with spatial data? Globema can help!

Globema offers a full range of services related to the implementation and use of FME. We provide technical support, knowledge transfer and trainings, software development and implementation consulting. We hold FME Certified Trainer and FME Certified Professional certificates, confirming the highest skills in the use of FME. A team of experts – practitioners to use FME – has both in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in information technology and managing spatial data.

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