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FME 2019.2 – a quick overview

By November 13, 2019November 15th, 2019FME

FME 2019.2 is ready! Let’s take a look at latest updates and check the new possibilities of the most powerful data integration tool.

FME Workbench updates

FME Workbench has a bundle of new readers, writers and connectors helping you to connect with more systems and perform advanced operations.

Raster transformers

  • RasterSharpener – enhance the features of a raster image.
  • RasterSegmenter – partition a raster image into groups of cells Images are being grouped based on their intensity and differences.
  • RasterRegisterer – helps you to minimize differences between raster images.

Connect to cloud services using these packages from FME Hub. FME 2019.2 allows you to connect with the following data banks:

  • Google BigQuery
  • Amazon S3
  • IBM Maximo

You can also connect to Amazon’s AI services, Rekognition and Comprehend, for natural language processing and computer vision/image analysis.

Automating: FME Server updates

FME 2019.2 gives you a set of tools helping you to automate your workflows more efficiently. There are also two security updates improving overall security by giving administrators more control over access permissions.

Security features

  • Admins can see all user tokens and who they belong to.
  • Admins can edit other users’ FME Server Apps, e.g. to fix issues.

Automations updates

  • Create Global Keys from workflow parameters more easily. You can manage a key in one place and reference the value in multiple places throughout the Automation.
  • Create Output Keys, which are like attributes in Workbench but for Automations. Create them easily in Text Editor and set as constants or expressions.
  • Management view gives you the ability to check the owner of an Automation.
  • Trigger parameters: configure these with Global Keys and the Automation Name/ID. This allows you to use a global value downstream in the automation.

FME Mobile

FME Mobile users are surely familiar with the fact that FME AR and FME Data Express is regularly updated. Below we list the summary of all the new features since FME 2019.1:


  • Load an AR model in 1:1 scale in addition to the existing table model mode.
  • Improved display for underground features.
  • Improved texture appearance when there is an ambient material property.

FME Data Express

  • Configuration of parameter presets.
  • Rename an app pinned to the home screen.
  • New QR Code reader with the parameter value.
  • Consistent JPEG images sending across platforms.
  • Access to the Camera/Gallery from file parameters.

Download a free trial and test FME 2019.2 for 30 days! Visit our website to get a demo version: