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FME – a powerful data integration platform

By November 2, 2019December 19th, 2019FME
FME as a integration data platform

Do you know why FME is so popular as a data integration platform? This tool allows you to work with more than 450 data sources. You can use it to combine data stored in multiple formats and in different locations.

FME is designed to be as optimized as possible for data integration. It has a built-in tool to control the requirements for any data format. Therefore, it is possible to use data based on specific models. This solution mainly reduces the workload for the transformation. FME platform provides a rich library of transformers that can process data in countless ways. Among the most popular functions available in FME are trimming (Clipper), aggregation (Aggregator) and working with attributes (AttributeFilter, AttributeManager). There are also transformers for working with specific data formats, e.g. KMLStyler, JSONExtractor, XMLValidator.

In order to automate processes and further optimize work, FME Server and FME Cloud were created. These tools allow you to automate data processing and update them in real-time. In order to process data properly, the user should prepare a script with FME Workbench (FME Desktop software) in which the data are loaded, then they are processed by transformers in any way possible, and the final file is saved as the result. Such a workspace is published on FME Server, where it can be triggered by some predefined invoking event or run at specified time. This solution ensures that both input and output data are updated on an ongoing basis. A huge advantage of FME is that the whole process can be performed without programming skills.

Safe Software, a producer of FME, constantly follows the trends in the field of data integration. As a result, FME platform is frequently updated. It allows to support new or updated data formats or work with a lot of data. Subsequent versions of the FME platform will focus even more on data automation and integration.

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