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New service in our portfolio – meet GeoTask Planner

By June 29, 2020October 27th, 2020Services, WorkForce Management

Is your company’s work mostly performed in the field? Do you hire delivery drivers or fieldservice technicians? If the answer is yes, you surely know that effectively managing many people and tasks is time-consuming. We help tackle this challenge with our new product, GeoTask Planner. It’s a cloud service with an API that helps plan optimal schedules for tasks and routes.

GeoTask Planner lets you automatically assign tasks to employees taking into consideration optimal routes and other criteria specific to your business. The effectiveness of GeoTask Planner was confirmed while implementing GeoTask and GeoTraxx applications, our Field Service Management solutions.

Automatic task assignment results in more efficient planning and task performance, lowering transportation costs and CO2 emission. This is worth keeping in mind since ecology is becoming an important part of many companies’ business strategies.

GeoTask Planner is available in the cloud so it’s easy to launch the service within 24 hours and avoid costs related to advanced IT infrastructure necessary to perform large, resource-demanding optimizations.