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GeoTraxx helps those who help – #PosiłekDlaSeniora action

By June 8, 2020April 9th, 2021WorkForce Management, Wydarzenia

The pandemic has made the life of elderly people even more difficult. Fortunately, technology and IT tools such as GeoTraxx, our Field Service Management system for route and delivery planning, can support charities. This is why we have offered GeoTraxx available to all institutions and organizations involved in the fight against the Coronavirus. GeoTraxx is now used by Grupa Warszawa, coordinators of #PosiłekDlaSeniora (Meals for the elderly) action.

What’s this action about?

#PosiłekDlaSeniora started in March 2020 just after the spike of COVID-19 cases in Poland. The elderly, as the most vulnerable group, were advised to stay at home. The aim of the action, coordinated by Warsaw restaurant owners, was to provide older people with balanced daily meals. The food is paid for by the community and delivered by volunteers to the elderly designated by charity organizations.

How does GeoTraxx support #PosiłekDlaSeniora?

GeoTraxx has significantly reduced the time required to plan schedules and optimize delivery routes so meals can be delivered to the right addresses quickly.

GeoTraxx can be easily adapted to both business and social activity requirements. It’s especially useful wherever it is important to organize deliveries efficiently and reduce transportation costs.

To support the action, we have not only offered a license for GeoTraxx, but also:

  • developed a concept to implement the system for charity actions and configured GeoTraxx in a client environment.
  • trained route planners to operate the system
  • added some features tailored to action needs

We are proud that our application is being used for a noble purpose. Moreover, #PosiłekDlaSeniora is an opportunity to help two groups of people: it serves the elderly and also provides work for catering staff.

The action will continue – despite the gradual removal of restrictions. The number of COVID-19 cases still remain high so the elderly remain at a high risk.