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Globema completed a large energy network data migration project for PGE

By March 2, 2015May 7th, 2015Energy

On December 2014, Globema finished creating the model of PGEs (Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Poland Energy Group) low voltage network covering the city of Lodz. This comprehensive project was continuation of the previous one (which included medium and high voltage grids). Its main goal was to obtain a full and actual model of distribution grid in the Smallworld GIS based EL.GIS system, developed and implemented by Globema. We can proudly announce that all objectives were fulfilled on schedule with no delays and with no extra costs, even though the project was very complex. In the end, over 10 000 kilometers (6 200 miles) of low voltage grid and almost 1 million spatial points were loaded into the system.

The scope included the migration of cable and overhead low voltage networks, as well as connections and street lighting grid. The main project was preluded by a pilot period, during which 1% of the network data was loaded into EL.GIS system. According to the plan, the whole project was supposed to be completed in three years. Comparing PGE data migration project with similar undertakings having the similar level of complexity it becomes clear that PGE & Globema were indeed facing a very ambitious task. The project required a smooth and systematic cooperation on both sides, especially between the teams responsible for preparation, implementation and data control.

During the project the following data was loaded into the system:

  • 82 000 address points;
  • 94 500 energy supply places;
  • 530 000 energy supply points;
  • 245 000 energy grid and lightening elements, such as: poles, light fixtures, splices, joints an underground power cables

As a result, medium voltage and low voltage energy substations were supplemented with low voltage network scheme. Moreover the whole grid was connected topologically, so in the end a complete model of PGE’s whole distribution network was acquired. This model gives several advantages, mainly:

  • enables easy finding and locating objects
  • allows tracing power supply routes, analyzing failures and simulating switches
  • the model acts as a basis for network computing (conducted to achieve network optimization)
  • integration of the properly stored and maintained network data with SCADA and ERP systems supports several business processes (quick identification of clients / whole zones without power supply, area analyses of costs and much more).

EL.GIS – Energy network invetory and managment system

Globema EL.GIS system (based on the GE Smallworld platform) supports key business processes of DNOs, such as: planning new grid investments, maintaining ongoing operations as well as managing breakdowns and unexpected situations. Module structure of the solution and several integration options (including out of the box interfaces to selected SCADA and ERP systems) enables speeding up advanced deployments. As a complex GIS platform with the out of the box energy grid data model, EL.GIS can also be a solid basis for Smart Grid rollouts.

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About PGE

The PGE Capital Group is Poland’s largest energy sector company with respect to sales revenues and net profit. Thanks to the combination of its own fuel resources, power generation and distribution networks, PGE guarantees a safe and reliable power supply to over 5 million households, businesses and institutions.

PGE official website