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Computerworld, the well-known & leading business IT magazine in Poland, published its annual report – “TOP200: Polish IT market” which includes a number of rankings & studies presenting the biggest IT companies in Poland in 2016. The report confirms Globema high position as a systems integrator for utilities and telecoms. Globema also maintained in the top 10 of Polish IT market in scope of investments in IT research & development.


The Computerworld TOP200 report has been published since 1992 and is the most comprehensive study of the Polish IT market. It includes detailed financial data, market information and analyses regarding the largest suppliers of new technologies operating in Poland. Report’s ranking lists cover the whole IT market – the lists include both software and hardware distributors, large international systems integrators, software houses, outsourcing centers and semi-IT business consulting companies. All these companies provide a wide range of IT-related products and services in Poland and abroad. Even though, Globema, a specialized geospatial software house and systems integrator, maintains its high position as a systems integrator for utilities and telecoms.

Constantly focused on R&D

Every year Globema ranks high among companies with the highest expenditures on R&D. Globema actively conducts R&D projects and implements their results worldwide. This year we also maintained high R&D position:

  • The highest expenditures on R&D against revenue from IT – 3rd place

  • The highest expenditures on R&D – 8th place

Globema develops innovations at its own R&D units (2 Software Development Centers) and cooperates with the largest national universities and research facilities.

R&D – SmartGrid

This year Globema completed, among others, SmartGrid R&D project – Dynamic Transmission Management System. The project was carried out together with Procesy Inwestycyjne, Universities of Warsaw, Cracow & Lublin, transmission operator – PSE Operator and two distribution operators – PGE Operator & TAURON. The main goal of the project was to build a comprehensive system for monitoring high voltage lines (110 through 400 kV), to prevent blackouts and ensure optimal energy transmission and improve reliability of energy supply across Poland.


Dynamic Transmission Management System provides means to ensure optimal energy transmission. The system was designed for transmission control room operators, as well as business users who plan the transmission parameters 1-3 days ahead. The tool is ready for integration with SCADA systems.

R&D & Google Maps

In the current year Globema released new Google Maps based application – GeoTraxx – which is also the result of an R&D project. The tool is intended for all companies which deal with periodical or daily transport planning, scheduling and routing. GeoTraxx provides means to automate the transport planning process (using Google Maps data and services) which, among others, allows to reduce the size of the fleet, lower fuel consumption, significantly reduce planning time, and ensure deadline reliability.


GeoTraxx optimizes vehicle routes and streamlines transport planning. Application’s algorithms model viable, detailed and cost-effective scheme. Many cost/efficiency parameters are considered, such as: vehicle type, vehicle carrying capacity, driver hours, docks availability, rush hours, Working Time Directive (WTD) and more.

Globema in other Computerworld TOP200 categories

Globema maintained its high position in the following key categories:

  • The largest suppliers of IT solutions and services for utilities sector (w/o energy) – 18th place

  • The largest providers of customized software – 26th place

  • The largest providers of IT solutions and services for energy – 28th place

  • The largest providers of IT solutions and services for telecommunications – 30th place

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