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Mobile Data Collector supports innovative traffic control

By December 5, 2015December 22nd, 2015R & D, Telecommunications

Tristar project is a public undertaking that enabled creation and implementation of an integrated traffic control system in three largest Polish cities at the Baltic coast – Gdynia, Gdansk & Sopot (commonly known as the Tri-City urban complex). The total project value was ca. €42m net and the goal was to decrease the average Tri-City transit time by 20%. We’re happy to announce that Globema was also engaged in this initiative. Our team implemented Mobile Data Collector, a mobile application for data capture and network inspections/verification directly in the field. The tool was customized to meet the specific project requirements.

The implementation of MDC in the Tristar project was carried out in cooperation with Instal-Luk and Qumak companies. MDC application is used to support the optical fiber network management & inventory. During the implementation, Globema consultants conducted data migration (from DWG files & paper data sources) and provided professional trainings for the end-users.

About Tristar

The Tristar project resulted in deploying an intelligent transport system that facilitates traffic flow. The central server is connected to two Control Centers and plays the role of “a heart and brain” of the whole solution. It supervises and regulates traffic lights and public transportation.

Tristar aims to generate progressive cascades of green lights (“green wave”) whenever and wherever possible. The system also controls parking lots (dedicated information screens will direct drivers to the nearest find free space) and inform the passengers about any delayed buses or trams.

About Mobile Data Collector-Telco (MDC-Telco)

MDC-Telco is a stand-alone tool created to improve the process of stocktaking telecom network and infrastructure data. It enables field force to optimize the stocktaking efforts in the field while gathering or verifying information. At Tristar, MDC is used to model:

  • 136.9 km ducts
  • 147.8 km of fiber optic cables
  • 160 switches in network nodes and Traffic Control Centers
  • 172 cabinets


MDC is often used to capture data to Smallworld Physical Network Inventory. Since the application has an open architecture it can support multiple GIS platforms, such as Smallworld, ESRI, Google Maps, Intergraph and more. The application allows the user to work with mobile devices with a Windows operating system. As a result data capture and network inspections/verification can be carried out directly in the field. The application also enables using GPS to position inserted objects and to track the person handling the inventory.

Selected benefits for the customer

  • Elimination of paper as a fallible information carrier.
  • Time savings and cost reduction in data acquisition process.
  • Acceleration of network inventory process.
  • Data quality assurance and control.
  • Creation of database in the field (high reliability).
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