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National Broadband Plan in Poland supported by Globema & Alcatel-Lucent

By December 15, 2015December 22nd, 2015Smallworld, Telecommunications

The aim of the Polish National Broadband Network Plan (PNBNP) is to provide broadband internet access to 90% of the population and 100% of public institutions and businesses in the country. The program value amounts to over €400M. Funds will enable developing a modern ICT infrastructure, including over 10,000 kilometers of new fiber networks. The expansion of broadband connectivity and the development of public and private cloud infrastructures will accelerate socio-economic growth in Poland and aims to stimulate the Internet Service Provider market by making new e-services available in government, education, health and business.

Recently Globema completed the implementation of two separate FTTx network inventory systems in two Polish provinces under the PNBNP. It was the third & fourth such implementation by Globema and the third & fourth project in cooperation with Alcatel Lucent.

Solution components

Both implemented systems are based on Smallworld Physical Netwrok Invetnory™ (PNI) and in one province also on Smallworld Logical Network Inventory™. Systems were enhanced with Globema PNI add-on modules:

The systems will be used to model about 6000 km of backbone and distribution network, 39 backbone nodes and 711 distribution nodes. The implemented solutions will support ORSS (the local network operator) in the whole lifecycle of everyday operations – from grid design, through construction, delivery and maintenance, to efficient outage management and service fulfillment. The solution will support fiber optic network inventory management. A web-browser-based, access-only client and specialized tools for loading project documentation and data synchronization were also provided as a part of the project.


Globema solutions for telecom operators

Solutions provided & implemented by Globema support telecoms in managing everyday operations on the network and in the field. We also provide workflow, business intelligence and geomarketing solutions.


Physical Route Manager live demo

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