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Globema’s consultants support FFA implementation projects in the US and EU

By July 6, 2015November 10th, 2015WorkForce Management

Since the introduction of Field Force Automation (FFA) product to Globema’s offering portfolio in 2011, the company has developed a pretty large team of highly skilled FFA consultants and developers. Their expertise was built on several successful implementations of various releases of FFA which Globema has already completed in the CEE Region. Based on these skills Globema offers consultancy support to customers and other FFA implementation vendors.

Last year Globema’s developers supported GE partners in their FFA implementation projects at European utilities. This year Globema is providing consultancy for GE in their project in the USA. All work is carried our remotely from Globema headquarters in Warsaw, Poland.

Donald Breitweiser, Senior Project Manager of GE Digital Energy, characterizes involvement and services of Globema’s consultants in his project in the following way:

As Project Manager for a large US electric utility implementing FFA mobile work management, I found myself needing qualified FFA implementation support to augment my small internal technical team. I turned to Globema for this help knowing that Globema had both the experience and the “can do” attitude to meet my project needs. The customer is very happy with the progress we’re making with Globema as part of our team. The consultant leading Globema’s team demonstrates just the right mix of expertise and customer sensitivity as he interacts with the customer in regular meetings”.

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About FFA

GE’s Field Force Automation™ (FFA) solution is a web-based Work Force Management platform that helps you understand your service business and helps ensure your service business understands your objectives, so the right field worker with the right skills and parts gets to the right place at the right time.


FFA is at the core of workforce optimization and allows companies to optimize the full life cycle of field service operations, including short cycle emergency work, meter services, compliance jobs, maintenance and inspection jobs, as well as long-cycle multi-day, multi-task, multi-person capital construction projects.

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