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The future of Cloud technology – Google Cloud Architects perspective

By June 21, 2019July 23rd, 2019Artificial Intelligence, Google, Wydarzenia

Our partnership with Google in the scope of Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform has reached the next level, expanding futher beyond Google Maps Platform. Five members of our development team have recently earned Google certifications and four of our employees are now Certified Google Cloud Architects. Read the interview with our colleagues below 🙂

Obtaining the Cloud Architect Certificate is the best way to test skills and guarantee the highest possible quality of service. That is why the preparation process requires a lot of effort. The exam itself is hard, as it thoroughly checks the practical skills of people applying for a certificate. Artur, Piotrek, Michał and Przemek who work on Google Cloud Platform projects in Globema, passed the certification process recently. Today they are sharing what they value the most about Cloud technology, the biggest challenge when it comes to working with GCP, and what makes this solution so popular. They are also revealing some details on preparing for the Cloud Architect exam!

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Gentlemen, altogether, you have over 40 years of professional experience – it’s truly an impressive number. Currently, you’re dealing with the Google Cloud Platform. Is it still a challenge for you after so many years of working in the industry?

Artur – When you work with solutions located in the cloud, it highly involves continuous research and operations in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I  wouldn’t be lying if I said that it’s probably one of the biggest challenges so far. Now I have the perfect opportunity to use all the knowledge I got throughout the years as a programmer, architect and project manager. Boredom isn’t something I can complain about 🙂

Do you feel the same about the exam you took?

Artur –  That’s right! In some way, it felt like I was in college again. Working with the cloud environment, I get my hands on many specialized aspects, but I knew that this might not be enough. I had to revise some pieces of information. I assumed the questions could be very cross-sectional and that’s how it in fact was. They concerned both strictly technical issues, as well as business-related and research needs of potential clients based on their current situation. I think Piotrek and Michał have the same feelings.

What makes Google Cloud technology different and so popular?

Michał – First of all – fast and flexible implementation of these services. Plus, there is an army of Google security specialists constantly working on multi-layered security infrastructure, supported with certificates.

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Something that our customers value the most is the power of choice. Whenever you decide to start a journey with GCP, you have full freedom when it comes to the choice of technology. You can use your existing IT infrastructure along with Google’s infrastructure. This is directly related to the Pay-as-you-go implementation model. The user pays only for used solutions. If you do not want to share certain data, you can easily leave it on the local infrastructure. Additionally, within the trial period of 12 months, you can test Google Cloud for free and discover the possibilities of the platform.

Who is a potential user of the Google Cloud solutions? Isn’t it technology for an exclusive group of entrepreneurs?

Piotrek – Cloud applications are developing very rapidly. As an example, we can look at the case of retail trade. GCP technology can be used to make calculations closer to customers. This allows recommending the most personalized products or offers and communication based on the actual behavior of the customer during shopping. The topic of calculations close to the data generation site (so-called Edge Computing) is a whole another conversation.

Which one is the most popular GCP solution?

Artur – There’s no simple answer to that question. Especially that we also work in the Google Maps environment and integrate them with Cloud applications. In addition, it widens the range of services we can provide. Our clients use solutions that support several hundred thousand to even several million requests a day. To quote Michał: cloud solutions require an individual approach to each needs and implementations!

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