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How Google Maps can help plan your holidays?

By January 20, 2017April 5th, 2017Google, Mobile, Services
Google Maps

NaCesty, one of the biggest Czech search engines for travel accommodation and plane tickets, chose Google Maps Premium Plan to enhance its services. The implementation of Maps increased number of NaCesty’s users and customers.

NaCesty and Google Maps Premium Plan

Many travelers have problems with finding the shortest route to the airport operating their flight, often to very exotic locations. NaCesty solved this problem by adding a search feature, which helps to find the closest airports (based on user’s address) and then visualize it on top of Google Maps.

NaCesty asks for a postal code and use it to calculate the distance and time it takes to reach 13 surrounding airports. The company prepared a database of airports that offer direct and interchange flights to key destinations. Knowing how long the flights between the departure and arrival airport take, allows NaCesty to suggest an airport that is less than 2.5 hours by car from the user’s home.

The solution also includes monitoring the results and adding the postal code with the address in the order form. The location of the user is then saved in a cookie, which can be used at any time for further searches and receiving recommendations.

NacestyDeparture airports recommended by when searching for a trip to Cuba.

Why Google Maps?

Google Maps API is the most innovative map platform in the world. Millions of websites and apps use the Google Maps APIs to power location experiences for their users. Google Maps API Premium Can be used in internal or paid apps and asset tracking solutions (e.g. fleet management). This license enables layering data on top of Google Maps and creating customized map. A business version of Google Maps has higher limits for Web Services, access to all layers (like satellite layers, Street View, traffic layer) and a comprehensive hint system which makes entering  an address easier.

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NaCesty is a search engine for travel, accommodation and plane tickets located on the servers of German travel agencies. Since 2004, it has specialized in online recommendations for the best holiday and serving as an agency for them. The company specializes in Internet sales and offer more than 60,000 hotels in vacation destinations around the world.

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