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We are Google Premier Partner – again. Let’s celebrate!


It’s official – we got our Google Cloud Premium Partner status renewed again. This title is the highest in Google partnership program and gives us rights to use this logo:


How does it benefit our Clients?

Do you want to know what Premier Partner can do for your company? Well…


The Premier title confirms that we know what we’re doing when it comes to Google Maps licenses. It means we can effectively help you choose the best license for you.


There’s no way Google partner can get the Premier title without very high technical competences. If your company needs help with licenses implementation or want to create an app based on Google Maps, the best thing for you to do is to contact the Premier Partner.


Do you want to know which Google Maps API would be the best for your company and how to get the best out of the Google Maps? Nobody will support you better than the Premium Partner (ergo: us :)), with skills and knowledge confirmed by Google himself.


Premier partners are the firsts to know about the newest Google Maps updates. While working with a Premier Partner, you can be sure you are up to date and will soon benefit from it.


As the Premier Partner, we must constantly improve our competences on Google Maps. This title guarantees a high quality of our Google Maps services.

Do you want to optimize your Google Maps license usage? No one will help you better than Premier Partner!

Premier, meaning…?

The partnership with Google has a few levels. The highest level possible is the Premier Partner. Getting this title is something we can really celebrate – there’s a limited number of companies with that Premier Partner status in the whole world. It gets better – we are the only Google Maps Premier Partner in Central-Eastern Europe!

We are proud of our Google Maps Team to keep up with Google requirements and work hard. Let’s not forget about our Clients as well – thanks to you and your trust we were able to earn this title again. Thank you all!

It all began 6 years ago…

In 2012 we became a partner and Value Added Reseller of Google Maps. We got our first Premier status three years later. Currently, we are the only distributor of maps business licenses (Google Maps Premium Plan) in Poland. We also provide consulting services and build our own solutions based on Google Maps (more info here).