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Industrial network security under control – Nozomi Networks

By January 22, 2020April 6th, 2020District Heating, Energy, Gas & Oil, Smart Grid

For years we have specialized in the area of network infrastructure inventory. During the implementation of projects and discussions with clients we have noticed that this topic also concerns the area of industrial automation (Operational Technology). In order to support our customers in this area as well, we have included in our portfolio the products of Nozomi Networks – the leader in Operational Technology (OT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) security solutions.

For decades, OT and ICT systems and infrastructure have been responsible for overseeing key processes in various industries – manufacturing, mining, energy, utilities, logistics and many other sectors. Until recently, these systems were isolated from each other, but we can encounter many industrial environments where OT and ICT systems work together online.

The integration of OT and ICT systems has a number of advantages. On the other hand, it also involves ensuring the safety of operational resources that are part of industrial networks such as controllers, sensors, production lines, control and supervision systems (SCADA). In the case of breaches of operational infrastructure security as a result of cyber-attacks, their operation may be disrupted and in the most extreme cases, they may be completely destroyed.

Guardian™ – monitor industrial networks in real time

As part of our cooperation with Nozomi Networks, we have become an official distributor of Guardian™ software. The solution is designed to protect industrial networks from cyber attacks and interference in the operating environment. It monitors real-time communication and network behavior for risks and events threatening system stability.

Benefits of implementing the Guardian™ solution

  • You see and browse your industrial network right away
  • You efficiently identify weak points and react
  • You quickly detect cyber-threats and anomalies in processes
  • Easily integrate the system with SOC / IT tools and workflows
  • You automatically track industrial resources and know the risk of cyber attacks
  • You are constantly monitoring the risks and processes relating to ICS

Who is the Guardian™ solution for?

Guardian™ software is used in sectors such as:


Oil and gas



Automotive industry




Protect your network

Are you interested in implementing the Nozomi Networks solution? Do you want to talk about proper protection of industrial networks? Contact us – our experts will be happy to answer your questions and explain in detail how the operation and process of implementing the right solution, which ensures the security and stability of industrial automation environments and critical infrastructure.