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Globema showcases at innovation industry events in Romania

By June 1, 2016October 13th, 2016Wydarzenia

Globema’s branches in Romania and Czech Republic actively promote our solutions and capabilities at various industry events on their local markets. In the last couple of months Globema Romania participated in some conferences and exhibitions as well as held own marketing events to demonstrate our innovative solutions. Two of such events are briefly reported here.

Communications Day 2016

Globema’s Romanian team actively participated in the 20th edition of the Communications Day (ZCOM), organized in Bucharest by Agnor High Tech and ITS Events Management, with support from industry organizations, ANCOM, Romanian Ministry for Information Society and European Commission. This annual event brings together representatives of public institutions of Romanian telecommunications sector, practically all leading telecom operators as well as ITC companies operating on the communications market. Over 700 participants registered for this year’s edition. ZCOM 2016 combined a conference focused on the recent developments and trends in communications business with an exhibition of modern solutions for the telecommunication industry.

Globema RO exhibited at Communications Day this year. Our team showcased several IT solutions, including Smallworld Network Inventory, Field Force Automation (Field Service Management System) and Globema Google Maps based solutions (GeoGrid, GeoMarketing and more). We were pleased to notice that our booth was visited by many Conference attendees, including the then Romanian Minister of Communications, Mr. Marius Bostan (in a talk with Globema RO’s Director, Cosmin Albu, at the attached picture), and our solutions attracted large interest among ZCOM’s participants.


Another Breakfast with Google Maps

Google and Globema RO hosted another edition of the “Innovation Breakfast with Google Maps”. Such “Innovation Breakfasts” are series of interactive meetings with business leaders aimed at popularizing enterprise applications of Google Maps solutions for supporting business processes in various industries.

The latest event organized by Globema in Romania took place at Phoenicia Grand Hotel in Bucharest. This edition was dedicated mainly for telecommunication industry where geospatial solutions and location-based services find particularly broad areas of practical applications. The breakfast was attended by managers and leading consultants from technical and marketing/sales departments of major telecoms in Romania (Telekom, Vodafone, Orange, Radiocomunicatii, Teletrans, Radiocom, Euroweb) as well as from telecom organizations (like ANCOM) and from ICT companies providing solutions for the communications market.

Our consultants presented and discussed with the invited guests how Google Maps solutions can support vital business processes and operations of telecom operators. Globema’s Google applications (GeoGrid, GeoTraxx and GeoMarketing) were showcased as examples of such geospatial systems. Live demonstrations raised additional discussion about even broader use of geospatial tools in supporting operations particularly in sales, marketing and maintenance departments. The need of enterprise-wide availability of up-to-date network and customer data in the location context was emphasized many times. The discussion proved that Globema’s solutions based on Google Maps and/or Smallworld Network Inventory fulfill this requirement quite well.


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