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Our system supports Polish emergency medical services

By March 20, 2018April 18th, 2018Mobile, R & D, Services, Telecommunications, WorkForce Management

The nationwide Command Support System for Polish Emergency Medical Services, developed by Globema and our partner Pentegy, was deployed in 42 medical dispatching centers and 1516 ambulances across Poland. We’re particularly proud of this project as our team contributed to creating system that unifies collaboration among all emergency services and decreases medical emergency response time, resulting in more lives saved.


Command Support System for National Emergency Medical Services (SWD PRM – System Wspomagania Dowodzenia Państwowego Ratownictwa Medycznego) is an ICT system developed and implemented by our team, together with Pentegy. The tool provides means to centrally track all activities around medical emergency, supports teams in getting to the scene and preparing medical records.

The Command Support System is a part of the Emergency Notification System. SWD PRM is also integrated with IT solutions of Emergency Notification Centers and with other command support systems used by the police and fire brigades.

Globema Command Support System in a nutshell


this is the number of medical emergency calls the system handles daily


on average every 3 seconds new emergency call comes through


this is the number of ambulances dispatched per day through the system


total system’s users, including:

  • medical dispatchers performing their duties in 300 stations, 42 dispatching centers
  • doctors and paramedics constituting 1516 emergency medical teams
  • doctors coordinating emergency medical services
  • analysts responsible for settlements with National Health Fund
  • agents of the Ministry of Health
  • system’s administrators – central, provincial and regional

What was done by Globema

The Command Support System was developed from scratch. Our team was responsible for:

  • creating operational apps: Dispatcher and Emergency Medical Teams
  • designing the system’s architecture and creating basic mechanisms
  • developing analyst’s app
  • creating and configuring the database
  • requirements analysis
  • designing the hardware infrastructure, assembling, and configuration in server rooms
  • system installation in all medical dispatching centers.

Command Support System provides means for:

  • efficient dispatching of medical emergency teams
  • supporting the teams in getting to the scene
  • tasks assignment and recording medical activities
  • preparing medical records on mobile devices
  • tracking location and status of a medical team
  • handling emergency situations, substituting the dispatcher center in case of a breakdown
  • preparing reports for National Health Fund
  • efficient communication between units of medical emergency teams
  • integration with telephone communication system
  • analysis aiming at increasing efficiency of emergency medical services

Main users of the system:


Members of Emergency Medical Team

Doctors coordinating emergency medical services