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8 good moments to move to the Cloud

By March 19, 2019April 4th, 2019Google, Services

Migrating to the cloud is something that can bring many benefits to any small or large enterprise. If you are still hesitating and need more convincing, we are listing the most common reasons why to make the move and go for cloud solutions. Maybe one of them relates to your situation and it’s time for you to start the adventure with cloud?

My data center contract is over

The date for you to renew your contract with the data center is getting closer? While renegotiating, issues like cost adjustments and other limiting factors come up – at that moment many enterprises decide to move to the cloud, as it’s more flexible and beneficial.

We are in the middle of an acquisition

One of the biggest challenges, when companies merge, is matching up application landscapes and data. It’s even harder when you have to do it across multiple on-prem data centers. To make the process more smooth, many of them decide to move their key applications and data into the cloud. It’s also helpful when it comes to accommodating new geographies and employees – learn more.

My capacity requirements keep changing

It doesn’t matter if your business is progressing or it’s a rapid seasonal shift and you need to accommodate bigger capacity change. Using cloud, you can flexibly increase or decrease compute – and pay for the actual usage.

Software and hardware refresh cycles

If you manage an on-prem data center, you have to remember about regular updates – it means costly on-prem software licenses and hardware upgrades. It’s often a lot less expensive to get a SaaS subscription or to move the application into the public cloud. For a lot of enterprises, it’s a first step of the cloud migration project.

I don’t feel safe here!

We live in times of cyber danger – that’s for sure. Cyber threats are getting more sophisticated and it’s harder to prevent them. Providers of cloud solutions invest a lot in cyber defense – it’s safe to say they provide better protection than most businesses could ever afford by themselves. By migrating into the cloud you are also migrating a lot of risks and the level of your security increases.

I have to be compliant

In many industries, such as banking or healthcare, data compliance is a key factor for business. Cloud-based tools and services, which are already compliant, can help with ensuring the desired compliance, so if you want to help out your IT team – move to the cloud.

I’m trying to develop a new product

Many enterprises observe faster growth of their businesses and quicker development of their products after moving to the cloud. Why is that? A pay-as-you-go cost model and dynamic provisioning for product development and testing – these are the most important reasons. So if you want to save some time and money, migrate your business to the cloud and see your revenue grow!

It’s time to say goodbye – the end of your software

Even your software will come to an end one day. Instead of extending the life cycle on-prem, many enterprises decide to replicate services in the cloud when they receive an end-of-life event announcement of their critical data center software.

If you have any questions about moving to Cloud or about Google Cloud Platform in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to show you how to use the full potential of Cloud.

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