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New Google Maps Platform

By May 6, 2018August 10th, 2018Google, Services

It has been 13 years since Google first opened Google Maps for your creativity and passion. Since then it was exciting to see how you transformed the different field of your business and improved the lives of many people. You changed the way how employees travel to work, how parents discover the best school for their children or the way how young married couple searches for their first apartment. We are eager to find out what is next. Therefore, on 2nd May, Google announced several improvements to allow you to use new location-based functions and products.

Google Maps Platform

We are more than glad to introduce you Google Maps Platform – the next Google Maps generation, including more effective API products and new solutions enhancing innovation.

In March, Google announced the first solution for game studios, so that they can develop games in a real-world environment with help of Google Maps data. Today, we offer tailored solutions for companies, which track cars (asset tracking) and for companies, which offer ride-sharing services, as well. Companies trading with shared services can implement Google navigation directly to their application and with that, optimize customer experience. Our offer for asset tracking companies helps our customers increase effectivity by providing real-time vehicle location and complex route planning.

Google Maps APIs can cooperate in a way to provide you with building blocks you need to develop location-based applications. One of Google’s goals is to develop its base APIs so that it is easier to use it and it can grow as fast as your business and applications.


Maps, Routes and Places

Google simplified its 18 APIs to three base products – Maps, Routes, and Places – so it is easier for you to find, explore and add new functionalities to your applications and websites. It is also important to say new improvements will work with your existing code – no changes are required.

One price model, free support and one console to control everything.

Based on feedback, Google found out users, developers and application/web operators want a simple and easy way of the pricing model, which enables them access to base Google Maps API. That was one of the reasons why Google united existing Standard and Premium Plans into one “pay-as-you-go” model. With “pay-as-you-go” model, each user will be granted by Google with a free $200 monthly limit. Google assumes most of the users will stay under this monthly limit. With the new model, you will only pay for what you used last month without any initial expense or usage limits. What is more, Google will provide free technical support for everyone. Moreover, map products are now integrated into the Google Cloud Platform to make projects usage tracking and exploring new Cloud products easier.

From 11th June, you will need valid API key and Google Cloud Platform billing account to be able to use base map products. If you enable billing you will be able to benefit from $200 monthly limit for Maps, Routes and Places usage. The new model will also support your seasonal business because the model will grow when you grow, and vice versa. Moreover, with Google’s global infrastructure you do not have to be afraid of capacity, reliability or performance. Google will continue supporting nonprofit and startup organizations.

We are looking forward to new applications you will create and we want to be part of this process. If you are, at this moment, using some of basic APIs, please, look at Existing user’s guide to better understand changes, which are brought by the new model. If you are, at this moment, just starting, you can start by creating your first project. In case of any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you.