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Design your HFC / CableTV network directly in PNI!

By April 1, 2016April 12th, 2016Smallworld, Telecommunications
Globema CaTV-Design

Globema released the new version of CaTV-Design (an add-on to GE Smallworld Physical Network Inventory). The tool provides means for quick and easy HFC network designing within Smallworld environment, without the necessity to load and migrate data from other sources and calculating signal in additional tools. The new version is compatible with Smallworld 5 (Magik on Java).

The Design Assistant is one of the main new introduced features. Using the Assistant you can easily add new network elements without switching between opened windows. Design Assistant also sorts the specification and suggests the most recently used equipment in the first place.

Calculating signal levels

CaTV-Design calculates signal parameters for FWD and REV channels taking into account highest and lowest channel signal levels. Results of calculations are presented as labels on each port of a device and on the map. Every change made in the network structure causes recalculation of each value.

The application will indicate an error if the signal level exceeds defined range. With this feature you can correct errors and manage signal level in real time!

Key features

  • Signal parameters calculations for FWD and REV channel in accordance with the Unity Gain
  • Automated RF amplifier pads insertion
  • Automated alerts when defined signal range is exceeded
  • Real time signal level update (visualized on the map as labels)
  • Easy and quick modification of elements’ specification
  • Saving configuration of the most frequently used devices
  • Inserting elements or group of elements with keyboard shortcuts


Integration with Smallworld Physical Network Inventory

CableTV-Design is fully integrated with Physical Network Inventory (PNI) – where complete information about available tele-transmission infrastructure is being stored. Since CATV-D enables you to design network directly in Smallworld environment, data quality maintenance is assured and no additional data verification and ETL tools are needed.

Selected benefits

  • Efficient design process available directly within network inventory system
  • Immediate information about new investments within PNI and related applications
  • Data quality improvement – no external designs loading and migration needed
  • Real time tracking of exceeding defined signal range
  • Immediate detection of unpowered network elements
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