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New PRM customers & a demo on YouTube

By June 16, 2015July 10th, 2015Telecommunications

We are pleased to announce that the Physical Route Manager (PRM) users community has recently grown in Europe and the USA thanks to Globema’s cooperation with GE. PRM is an extension to the Physical Network Inventory application. PRM allows grouping of any number of physical resources into an easily accessible and manageable entity called Route. Route consists of mutually related elements, such as, fibers, ports, and splices that comprises a connection between two locations. Routes facilitate modelling utilization of physical resources for data transmission services and fiber/pairs lease. 

New customer in the UK

PRM is going to be a part of the network inventory system of the Scottish & Southern Electric Telecoms. SSE-T is a telecommunication operator, with over 18 years of experience, which operates a 13,700 km of private telecoms network and 15 data centres that span the UK. The company provides connectivity and data centre services.  Scottish & Southern Electric Telecoms is a part of the SSE Group – one of the biggest energy companies in the UK.

New customers in the USA

PRM was also recently selected by two local telecom operators in the USA – Axiom Fiber and Velocity Networks.

Axiom Fiber Networks provides telecommunications infrastructure services over its fiber network to carriers and enterprise customers in the greater NYC Metropolitan region. Axiom Fiber offers dark fiber and custom networking solutions, focused on creating the best customer experience from sale through implementation, and ongoing service life-cycle management. Velocity Networks Inc. is located in Penssylvania and provides high-speed Internet connectivity options through Dialup, DSL, Wireless, and Leased Line membership plans.


To learn more about PRM, watch the recorded live demo on YouTube!

Benefits of using Physical Route Manager

  • increasing productivity and lowering error rates
  • easier outages handling
  • lowering cost of keeping PNI network up to date
  • lowering time to market
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Optical Network Atlas integration

Optical Network Atlas (ONA) is a PNI add-on module developed by Globema that enables generating printer-friendly schemes of the PNI optical network.

ONA and PRM are integrated with each other by design. While ONA alone provides the ability to view network parts as a graph of logically connected resources, integration with PRM adds a possibility to visualize this network with all information about planned works. ONA and PRM complete each other and support process of fiber network planning and fulfilment.

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