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Even better PRM and ONA – see what we’ve changed

By May 29, 2020October 27th, 2020Smallworld, Telecommunications

We’re pleased to announce that Globema’s products portfolio for Physical Network Inventory 5.2.3 has been released. The release covers, among others, Optical Network Atlas & Physical Route Manager products followed with 523 demo application. Here’s a quick overview: 

Physical Route Manager

PRM allows managing physical routes in transmission networks and facilitates modeling data transmission services and fiber/pairs lease. The application enables to both automatically and manually group any number of physical resources (such as fibers, ports and splices) into an easily accessible and manageable entities called Routes.

Here are the latest features of PRM:

  • Automatic routing:
    • user can choose outgoing cables instead of ODFs as starting points of algorithms
    • performance has been improved
  • Additional minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Optical Network Atlas

This module for Smallworld PNI can work as a stand-alone application. It automatically generates easily printable and legible paper documentation of the optical network fragments needed in development and maintenance. Schemes are generated using dynamically traced optical routes, starting from a given location or splice using selected optical cables/fibers ODF shelves/ports. This module allows generating diagrams, based on accurate data and improves mobile workforce productivity.

ONA has been extended with possibility of using colours for bundle and fibre presentation:

  • Available as an option in ONA Scheme Generation Wizard (Apply Bundle and Fibre Colouring disabled by default).
    • Multiple colouring options available.
    • Currently not available for a Splice Schemes generated for single splice (e.g. using action in the Object Editor) – yet to be improved in future releases
  • ONA Performance improvements including direct PDF plotting without saving diagram to database (Report Pack and NIG Add-ons).
  • Additional minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Improve Smallworld PNI add-ons with us

We have a few short questions about your experiences with Smallworld Physical Route Manager and Optical Network Atlas – we’d really appreciate your feedback on our solutions!

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