People who manage heating or water supply networks struggle with setting the network parameters and making the most out of its work. DH.GIS Calculations provides network models that help to achieve this. It helps to detect flows and pressure loss for end nodes in heating and water supply networks.


DH.GIS Calculations supports the following networks:

  • symmetric and asymmetric networks (concerning the symmetry between the power supply and return in heating networks),
  • networks that include many cooperating sources,
  • networks with any number of cycles,
  • networks with lifting devices or devices reducing the pressure in the network.
SymPatia - hydraulic calculations (1)
SymPatia - hydraulic calculations (2)

The module calculates the following parameters in network devices:

  • increase/reduction of set value along the edge with the device,
  • increase/reduction of set value in any node of the network, along the edge with the device (remote regulation),
  • increase/reduction of pressure in accordance with device characteristics.

As a result, you receive flow and pressure loss values in the network edges and pressure values in the network nodes.

DH.GIS Calculations lets you choose the calculation method:

  • Cross-Łobaczewski iterative method, 
  • Newton’s method for solving nonlinear equations.

It’s also possible to choose the pattern for finding λ factors for each edge:

  • Walden’s equation for solving linear resistance factors,
  • Colebrook equation.
SymPatia - hydraulic calculations (3)


DH.GIS Calculations works in conjunction with DH.GIS system based on the Smallworld platform. It can also be adjusted to work with another GIS system or system for network asset management. You can also run the calculation engine on its own, using data (network projection) prepared by the user.

Additionally, DH.GIS Calculations offers service of remotely controlled pumps and reducers and reliability for calculating complex polycyclic and multisource systems.


iMDC – Mobilni Data Collector

iMDC – Mobilni Data Collector

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DH.GIS proračuni

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