meeting diverse data access needs

FME Server is a scalable spatial ETL platform that offers flexible spatial data distribution and loading services to help organizations quickly meet diverse data access requirements. The platform offers flexible spatial data services that can help you convert, load and distribute large volumes of data so end users can access it – where, when and how they need to.

Flexible spatial data distribution – share spatial data with users

With FME Server, you can quickly provide internal and external users with online access to the spatial data they need – where, when and how they need it. Data stored in hundreds of GIS, CAD, raster, 3D, database and web formats can be dynamically restructured based on individual user requirements. With FME Server, your end users benefit from immediate access to the latest spatial data, while your team gains precious free time. To help you automate data sharing, FME Server includes two flexible spatial data distribution services:

  • Spatial data download service
  • Spatial data streaming service

Scalability – efficiently load, validate & convert large volumes of data

Designed for quick deployment, FME Server integrates with your current IT environment and GIS applications. It supports Windows®, Linux®, and UNIX® operating systems and can be used to integrate data in a wide range of data formats from your GIS, CAD, raster, BIM, 3D, web and database systems.

FME Server includes three powerful spatial data loading and conversion services to help you support high volume spatial data requirements:

  • Server-based spatial data conversion service
  • Spatial data upload and validation service
  • Bulk data loading and migration service

Any problem with spatial data? We can help!

We offer a full range of services related to the implementation and use of FME. We provide technical support, knowledge transfer and trainings, software development and implementation consulting. We hold FME Certified Trainer and FME Certified Professional certificates, confirming the highest skills in the use of FME. A team of experts – practitioners to use FME – has both in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in information technology and managing spatial data.

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