GlobIQ is an innovative platform, that supports data capture of network assets from the field or paper documentation. It uses voice and image recognition to allow easy and time-saving data collection. Then, thanks to Artificial Intelligence models created to interpret and transform the data into a structured form.

GlobIQ platform will consist of a few software components enabling voice & image recognition, analysis, and interpretation. To achieve this, artificial intelligence methods will be used together our algorithms and business knowlegde.

Machine learning methods are crucial in this process as it allows collecting data and analyzing it with immense precision and speed. Additionally, the image recognition module allows detecting objects from a simple photo and transferring their information directly to the IT system it belongs to.

Voice recognition and Actuation modules not only enables harvesting data via this medium but also allows hands-free operation for the fieldwork technician.


  • In the case of data capture from the paper documentation, GlobIQ will significantly reduce the costs and time of the entire process.
  • But when it comes to capturing data from the field the benefits will even more visible. Aside from obvious cost and time and effort reduction for the field technician, it will improve their safety when harvesting data in high-risk areas and will increase the quality of the collected data.