Instant access to information about logical network

Logical Browser gives instant access to information about logical network configuration stored in Logical Network Inventory (LNI) database. Application allows easy data viewing through a web browser. Logical Browser speeds up information flow in business and support processes of preliminary feasibility check, service delivery, fault management, and network maintenance.

Logical Browser allows viewing logical network data in the scope of:

  • Logical equipment structure including models of various transmission technologies (IP/MPLS, SDH, PDH, ATM, Frame Relay) and related physical objects (shelves, slots, cards ports) from the Physical Network Inventory database
  • Paths of circuits, rings, subnetworks that visualize access points and intermediate elements (e.g. links, lower level circuits, etc.)
  • High level connections (circuits/services) using specific link / ring / subnetwork
  • Resources being used by provided network connections
  • Graphical network schematics which present links and circuits between network elements
  • Link / circuit consumption and their operational statuses


  • Easy access to logical data for all network departments
  • Reports and dashboards presenting real use of logical resources
  • Integration with Physical Browser from the Network Inventory Gateway product
  • Access to logical and physical resources for all departments of a telecommunications company
  • More effective implementation of business processes: preliminary feasibility check (evaluation of the network availability), service delivery (network reconfiguration data), fault management (fault location and analysis of its impact on services) and network maintenance (access to information regarding network resource consumption).


The Logical Browser is based on Network Inventory Gateway platform from GE Digital Energy and is fully integrated with Physical Browser product.
Software Requirements

Server: Network Inventory Gateway 4.1.0,
Logical Network Inventory 4.1.1,


Logical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld LNI

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