Magmaster – 4D location platform for logistics

MagMaster is a system designed for warehouse operators. Solution is based on the combined hardware+software Ubisense RTLS (Real Time-Location-System). MagMaster automatically identifies and tracks location of objects and people in real time with high precission. within a warehouse building or its external area. The solution provides a set of business & operations support functionality, including auto-routing and statistic reports.

Main Features

  • Modelling warehouse interior including floors, walls, storage racks, pallets, forklifts, persons.
  • Modelling lanes in warehouse where forklifts can move
  • Identification and tracking of persons working in warehouse
  • Object finder which shows current position of selected object using 3D warehouse view
  • Planning work for forklifts / Presenting jobs to forklift operator
  • Calculating optimal route for forklift through warehouse
Globema’s R&D activities are co-financed by the European Union and the National Center for Research and Development.