Real-time location systems (RTLS) provide visibility and control over assets and processes in multifaceted environments where objects are constantly on the move. Offering a window into any organization, RTLS solutions go beyond the traditional definition of a “real-time location system” to a new class of “process improvement and control.”

Real Time Location System

Real Time Location System is based on a solution provided by the British company Ubisense. A radio-wave broadband technology (Ultra Wide Band – UWB) is used and the system consists of three components:

  • active, battery-powered tags that send pulses of UWB needed for their location;
  • sensors mounted on the fixed elements of the rooms that receive and process signals from the tags;
  • software that collects location data generated, presents, analyzes and communicates information to users.

The UWB technology allows to register and present objects with an accuracy of 15 cm. Such accuracy allows the use of technology in many areas, including:

  • linking of data from bar code scanners that read the labels on the pallets to their position in the warehouse;
  • automatic determination of the distance between objects;
  • identification and location of vehicles in the process of quality control on production line;
  • supervision during the evacuation, whether the personnel arrived at the designated safety zones;
  • location of equipment and tools in the production halls;
  • location and visualization of objects during the excersises and activities of military forces, police, special forces, etc.


Customers that adopt Ubisense RTLS solutions typically experience a reduction in
operating costs due to one or more of the following outcomes:

  • improved asset utilization and accountability;
  • identification and elimination of process bottlenecks;
  • real-time alerts when progress deviates from plan;
  • flexibility to reconfigure plans and processes in real-time;
  • real-time control of tooling for error-proofing and quality control;
  • reduction in mistakes causing defects and rework.

Fast return on investment

RTLS system can achieve a return on investment after only 12 months. The data generated by the use of the solution bring greater transparency into the processes, which cannot be achieved by hand. As for the production processes the system is able to reduce the impact of errors caused by staff and significantly reduce the time needed to complete tasks.


MagMaster System

MagMaster is a software system designed for warehouses which automatically identifies and tracks location of objects or people in real time, usually within a warehouse building or its external area. System development was co-funded by the European Union under the “Innovative Economy” program.

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