We offer services & specialized software solutions that enable using geospatial data and various communications technologies to gather and act on information to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity.

Smallworld Electric Office

The Smallworld Electric Office™ suite for electric transmission and distribution is a comprehensive platform that provides geospatial support for the electric utility asset management lifecycle, from planning and design through replacement and refurbishing. Built on the proven network technology of GE Energy’s Smallworld™ Product Suite, the Smallworld Electric Office™ suite contains the underlying data models, industry applications, and productivity tools required to support the essential utility operations.

The Smallworld Electric Office suite will lower the total cost of ownership for customers through standard installation, minimal customization, streamlined maintenance, and planned upgrades while improving operational efficiency.


By leveraging the Smallworld Electric Office platform, we deliver integrated geospatial solutions that automate key business processes in the utility. Direct product integration and interfaces to other key systems give Distribution System Operators the ability to support critical utility workflows such as:

  • Geospatial network updates for work requests that do not require graphical update
  • Complex work orders requiring graphical design and multiple network updates
  • Work initiated internally through planning and reliability studies and system analysis
  • Network updates resulting from repairs to restore outages identified by the outage management system

Electric Office Extensions

Power Flow and Short Circuit Calculations

Interfaces for Outage Management and SCADA Integration

European Specifics and Localization

The system has been customised and configured to better suit the characteristics of the European electricity distribution and transmission. This includes a major redesign of the styles used on the map and in the internal schematics of the substations and cabinets

Technical Conditions for Service Provisioning

by integration with a workflow system, it is possible to plan a new customer connection on the map in terms of the optimum routing and transformer capacity analysis.

Investment Planning

planning investment activities in detail, such as network extension or reconstruction & new customer connections.

Substation Metering

similarly to Network Inspection, registration of periodic load measurements on LV feeders in substations can be carried out, stored in the database and then analysed.

Network Inspection Support

support for network maintenance activities such as outage reporting and handling, technical inspections, maintenance work orders.

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DH.GIS proračuni

DH.GIS proračuni

Hidraulički proračuni za toplovodne i vodovodne mreže

Topologija niskog napona

Efikasno prikupljanje podataka na terenu pomoću “glasovnog asistenta” (voice assistant) i uz pomoć analize slika (image analysis)



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Physical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld PNI

Logical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld LNI


Google Maps Platform


Workforce Management

Naše rešenje zasnovano na Google mapama

Smallworld Electric Office

Proces upravljanja imovinom elektroprivrede


Upravljanje mrežnim sredstvima za energiju


Razvoj, planiranje i upravljanje električnim mrežama


Predviđanje, planiranje i podrška za RES operatere