Global commercial off-the-shelf water supply & drainage integrated solution

Smallworld Water Office solution provides global data models and a suite of integrated applications that are fundamental to the geospatial management of a full network. Smallworld Water Office forms part of the integrated and customizable suite of Smallworld geospatial applications that supports utility companies with the operations, maintenance, and reporting tools for their Water Supply and Drainage network assets.


  • Low installation and administration cost
  • Reduces time to ‘go live‘ by shortening the database design phase by as much as 80%
  • Minimizing expensive customization
  • Maximize the benefit of investment in GIS data
  • Common applications that drive productivity and standardization throughout the organization increasing process efficiency and reducing reporting time
  • End-to-end business process support from the back-office to the field that leverages the geospatial network repository
  • The ability to further integrate into other enterprise systems
  • Smallworld solution to support business processes
  • Straightforward Smallworld application upgrades
  • Compliance with international industry standards such as SOA
  • Geospatial platform for Smart Grid Strategies