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Route optimization and transport scheduling with Google Maps and Street View

By May 27, 2016March 15th, 2021Google, Mobile, WorkForce Management

Globema released GeoTraxx – a Google Maps based web application for real time transport optimization and management. The tool is intended for all companies that deal with periodical or daily transport planning, scheduling and routing. GeoTraxx enables to automate logistic operations (using Google Maps data and services). This allows GeoTraxx users to reduce the size of their fleets, lower fuel consumption, significantly reduce planning time and ensure deadline reliability.

Logistics departments of various companies, big wholesalers, warehouses or distribution networks struggle every day with transport planning so that the respective goods are delivered to (or collected from) all destination points. This task is remarkably difficult and involves number of parameters, to be taken into account, such as hundreds or thousands of orders/destination points that are spread territorially and which must be handled by several dozens of vehicles and drivers. In most cases, the task gets even more difficult: destination points, road conditions, access constraints, load building rules, warehouse assembly capacity or availability of docks can change daily. Still, the customers expect that the transport schedule will be strictly abided by, without errors and delays.

Without dedicated tools optimization of vehicle routes and transport scheduling is time consuming and expensive:

  • you need a team of specialists who will spend several hours per day to devise such a plan
  • you need to collect all orders and schedule them in advance of the delivery
  • you need to take into account all information about available vehicles, carrying capacity, recipients’ location and road traffic to reasonably plan transport and deliveries.

Transport Planning and Scheduling Automation

GeoTraxx optimizes vehicle routes and streamlines transport planning. Application’s algorithms model viable, detailed and cost-effective scheme. Many cost/efficiency parameters are considered, such as: vehicle type, vehicle carrying capacity, driver hours, docks availability, rush hours, Working Time Directive (WTD) and more.


The transport schedule modeled by GeoTraxx is prepared to be issued to:

  • warehouse employees who, basing on the information provided, can prepare shipments, as requested by the recipients and load them into relevant vehicles in an appropriate order
  • vehicle drivers who will know shipping and delivery appointed schedule and assigned routes.

The application also provides means to view and visualize planned routes on Google Maps and Street View.


GeoTraxx is an Globema original solution, design in one of our Software Development Centers. The application can be customized in order to fit industry specific needs (both heavy transport and small fleets).

Selected benefits

  • Lower transportation costs – reduction of kilometers covered by vehicles and of the size of the fleet required to handle the shipments. Moreover, thanks to routing optimization, exhaust emissions are significantly decreased.
  • Improvement of service quality – precise scheduling of deliveries that helps to reduce SLA costs.
  • Enhancement and acceleration of the transport planning process.

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