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One more district heating company with Smallworld DH.GIS

By August 31, 2018September 26th, 2018District Heating, Smallworld
Globema DH.GIS, GIS for district heating

We’re celebrating completion of another Smallworld project! Our team deployed DH.GIS at PEC Oswiecim region (district heating company) in less than 7 months. The system is already supporting PEC in preparations for this year’s heating season.

The project covered complete deployment: data migration from base maps, installation and configuration of DH.GIS, delivery and configuration of the hardware, training for system’s users and more.

Today, Globema DH.GIS, together with supportive mobile and web applications, are used to manage, develop & maintain district heating network in 30 cities. About 4.5 million end-customers are connected to heating networks modelled using Globema DH.GIS.

For more information about the implementation and about PEC Oswiecim go to this post:


A few interesting facts about PEC

PEC uses bus networks to transport heat from heat sources by hot water (as a heat carrier) at a temperature of 70-135°C (158-275°F). As delivering such super-hot water to households might be risky, heat exchanger stations are used to transform the heat carrier to cooler water, at a temperature of 60- 80°C (140-176°F). And finally the heat is transported by external receiving installations to particular places.

PEC Oswiecim was one of the first Polish district heating companies to build district heating substations monitoring system. The first object was covered by telemetry in 1994.

Below you’ll find a map presenting heating network managed by PEC (click to enlarge).
Red and yellow colors indicate network owned by PEC. The yellow round icon indicates heat exchangers and pumping stations.