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E-terra and Smallworld Electric Office integrated by Globema

By February 22, 2019April 4th, 2019Energy, Services, Smallworld, Smart Grid
Smallworld GIS Adapter

Our team once again contributed to the development of GE Smallworld GIS solutions portfolio. This time, in cooperation with the GE Smallworld Cambridge team, we’ve introduced new features to version 5 of Smallworld GIS Adapter.

Smallworld Electric Office with the GIS Adapter provides an automated ability to introduce the network to outage management and maintenance systems using industry standard business workflows and IEC CIM v15 data standards.

Our team extended GIS Adapter with the ability to export network data from Smallworld Electric Office to e-terra ADMS system (and support for e-terra DNOM format). All network changes are automatically exported as XML files from Electric Office. E-terra receives information about new data via web services.

Manual export triggering.

Smallworld GIS Adapter

The challenges

E-terra data model significantly differs from data model of Electric Office, so our team had to develop data model mapping from scratch. For example, we had to divide some single Electric Office objects into two or add virtual objects, so that e-terrra can ingest data properly.

Status overview of current and archived data exchange tasks.

Smallworld GIS Adapter

GIS Adapter is not the only one

It’s also worth to mention that our team developed several standard features of various products from the GE Smallworld portfolio – among others: Smallworld Physical Network Inventory, Smallworld Electric Office or Smallworld Gas Distribution Office. What’s more, since early 2008 we have been handling for GE complete development and worldwide tech support of GE Smallworld Logical Network Inventory.