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We’re implementing Smallworld DH.GIS at another utility company

By March 16, 2018April 18th, 2018District Heating, Smallworld

PEC (district heating company) decided to deploy Globema DH.GIS system, built on top of GE Smallworld GIS platform. The company wants to use DH.GIS because of system’s functionality and good references.

What’s the goal

PEC needed a system which will become a single, consolidated database of heat network and related objects. On top of that, the solution must enable resource management and provide an accurate representation of the network. These requirements led PEC to DH.GIS.

In the end, solution deployment will streamline PEC business processes and help reduce costs associated with heat generation and distribution.

The implementation

The project covers complete deployment – our team will conduct data migration from base maps, install and configure DH.GIS as well as deliver and configure the hardware.

DH.GIS will be implemented with the following modules:

  • dispatcher
  • outages management
  • Investment planning
  • rights of way
  • issuing technical conditions for connecting new customers
  • engineering calculations
  • alarm system for a pre-insulated heat distribution network.

We will also perform data migration from digital sources (covering information about 64,814 running meters of heat network) and integrate DH.GIS with a telemetry system.

In the last stage of the project we will train future DH.GIS users.

About PEC and its heat network


PEC is a district heating company which specializes in heat transmission, distribution and circulation of hot water for municipal budget, public, industrial and private customers. Altogether PEC serves over 1,490 clients.

Company’s networks size, by technology:



Heat network: 6,862 running meters


heat network: 12,705 running meters
external receiving installations: 17,564 running meters


heat network: 15,494 running meters
external receiving installations: 12,189 running meters



heat network: 35,061 running meters
external receiving installations: 29,753 running meters

Total: 64,814 linear meters