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Unified Polish Emergency Medical Services – SWD PRM

By April 4, 2019September 4th, 2019Services, WorkForce Management

SWD PRM (Command Support System for National Emergency Medical Services) is the first system in Polish Healthcare that successfully enabled centralized management of every medical dispatching center as well as over 1500 ambulances in the country.

What does it change?

The system allows quick and efficient communication between emergency operation territories, while also shortening the average report acceptance wait time and the average response time for medical teams. The most important change is an assurance that each case will be assigned to the closest ambulance team. In the previous solution, incidents were assigned based on the area, which was often inefficient,  costing valuable minutes.

The unified database gives unprecedented amounts of information, allowing the Ministry of Health to further improve the quality of their services.

Learn more about SWD PRM

The final transition

The final transition took place during the last hours of  March 31st and finished shortly after midnight. We have integrated the new system with both dispatcher and medical team apps, new servers and a new database. Everything worked smoothly and, just after midnight, the system was fully functional again.

Over the years there were many attempts to unify EMS in Poland, but where others failed, we prevailed. Our team took on the challenge of a system that requires constant attention and has so many people counting on it to work perfectly.

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