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The new NIMS release. Extended PDA support

By May 11, 2012December 23rd, 2014Smallworld

Working with the NIMS (Network Inventory Maintenance Support) system is als possible on PDA devices. This is an extension of the existing functionality, implemented in the web technology. Field engineers using NIMS gained new functionalities for work assistant and task reporting. From now on they can call out data stored in the tracking system by the online access to descriptive and graphic data – anytime and anywhere.

Most changes in the network are introduced by field technicians, who are often employees of external contractors. Detailed reports of changes in the network determine an additional obligation for them. To minimize total effort required for reporting the changes, workers should be provided with a simple, efficient and user friendly tool for entering change details. Flow of such reports inside organization should be supported by automated tools, reducing the need for manual rewrites and updates, yet enabling manual checks and corrections to ensure high quality and safety of network inventory database.

NIMS is a add-on module for Smallworld Network Inventory aimed at organizing the process of reporting changes in the network and updating the network inventory. Up-to-date information about all assets is essential for important business processes – service fulfillment, planning and engineering, outage management and network maintenance.

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