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UPC Slovakia selected Globema GeoGrid to support sales

By July 9, 2015July 13th, 2015Google, Telecommunications

UPC Broadband Slovakia selected Google Maps & Cloud-based Globema GeoGrid application to support sales managers in Bratislava region (covering the capital city of Slovakia and its suburbs). Data about UPC Slovakia’s optical network from Microstation was migrated and loaded into GeoGrid based web portal.

The GeoGrid implementation project is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 is already completed. The scope of Phase 1 included migration of the data about optical network in Bratislava
  • Phase 2 covers the migration of coaxial network data. This phase is ongoing and will be completed by the end of August 2015
  • Phase 3 will include the migration of addresses of all UPC Slovakia customers

GeoGrid is helping sales department by integrating various sources of data into a single web application. Users are able to visualize network data not only on the map, but also using Google StreetView and in 3D using Google Earth Pro. UPC sales representatives are now able to provide their customers with exact and very fast information about new connections and easily navigate within city streets thanks to having their network data displayed on top of Google StreetView and Google Earth. GeoGrid streamlines service qualification and supports sales managers. UPC Slovakia is already saving lot of time by (almost) eliminating field survey. Now, they are using Street View for initial inspection of terrain.


About UPC Broadband Slovakia

UPC Broadband Slovakia is among the largest providers of television, Internet and telephone services in Slovakia. UPC are constantly improving their services, which include digital television offering with over 150 TV channels and the Internet with speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s, as well as telephone services, which allow unlimited free calling within the UPC user community. UPC Broadband provides their services in 42 cities in Slovakia using the most advanced optical infrastructure.




About GeoGrid

GeoGrid makes your geospatial data accessible for your workforce and business users, from the office to the field. With GeoGrid, mobile teams have access to maps with data from GIS anytime on any mobile device. Application enables data aggregation & integration with various systems: CRM, ERP, WFM, Fleet Management and is used by utilities and telecoms for sales & marketing as well as everyday operations support.

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